WWE has brought a revolution to sports entertainment

WWE is a name that shines a light in the eyes of young people. We grew up knowing this name. Skipping classes, skipping meals, it was all for that 90 minutes of pure adrenalin. The lights, the action and the drama were incredible! If that wasn’t enough, there were trading cards and wrestling card games as well as walls covered with posters of The Rock and Hulk Hogan. Those were the days of old.

The WWE revolutionized sports entertainment. It is What sports, but it’s entertainment. This is entertainment at its best. These people are, and continue to be, role models for many young teens.

You might be asking why? It was different. It was captivating enough to keep viewers riveted to their TV sets. It was more entertaining than any Hollywood movie. The arrogant Mr. McMahon, his mini-wars against the stars, particularly Stone Cold Steve Austin; The life-in-a pot-undead Undertaker, the People’s Champ, The Rock that Layeth the SmackDown; who can forget those wonderful moments? They’re in our heads, and that’s what I think I am saying. This craze was so intense that I broke my leg trying to do a Jeff Hardy + Brahma Bull “Swanton Elbow”. This is a testament to how much we loved those with long hair and big muscles. We didn’t follow the “Please don’t try it at home” rule.

Then, there was the name change. I believe it was not just the name that had changed. Perhaps I was growing out, but that’s not right since I am still a WWE fan. A new breed of muscle-men emerged, all hungry for each others’ blood. Brock Lesnar.. He was one tough guy. Brock Lesnar bloody broke the ring and used a Big Show tool! Superplex weighing in at 500 pounds! I could hear my mind asking “What the heck just happened?” Then came “What did you expect?” John Cena was a tiny little guy who loved to slap people and show some “ruthless aggression”. He is now close enough to legend. He was accompanied by Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio, Batista the Animal and The Great Khali, the Punjabi Giant. These new heroes were not as talented or powerful as the older Heroes. They were gone. To this day, I still hope for a turn of events, and The Rock or Stone Cold walking towards the ring. Such is life.

All I know is that WWE has a legend, and although it is now very different than it was in the past, I am glad I grew to love and idolize what can only be called Legends of the WWE world.

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